Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

The Licking County Family YMCA Health & Fitness Center believes that physical activity is a key component of good health. It can help prevent disease and enhance the quality of life: mentally, emotionally, and physically. Yet according to the 1996 Surgeon General’s report on physical activity and health, 6 in 10 Americans are not regularly physically active. Regular physical activity means 30 consecutive minutes of moderately intense activity on most days of the week.

Wellness is a process of adapting patterns of behavior that lead toward health, heightened life satisfaction, and the integration of social, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. The Licking County Family YMCA Health & Fitness Center hopes to provide our members the opportunity to meet all of these goals. Our center offers a variety of programs, and a diverse selection of exercise equipment to meet those needs. Health & Fitness Center staff members are available to assist you with questions or concerns and supervise the Fitness Center throughout the day. Health & Fitness Center staff can spot you, discuss exercise topics or programs, and assist you with any equipment.

While using our fitness facilities, appropriate clothing, including a shirt and shoes, must be worn. Plastic suits are prohibited unless a member has written permission from his or her doctor.

What We Offer

Reese Fitness Center

The Reese Fitness Center is open to members ages 12 and older.

Youth between the ages of 12-13 are required to receive an initial equipment orientation with a parent/guardian present before using the facility.  These youth must also have a parent/guardian present when using strength equipment.  For any other uses of the facility, a parent/guardian must be located in the Reese Fitness Center at all times.

Members 14 years of age or older may use the Reese Fitness Center. 14 year old members who wish to use this facility are required to participate in an equipment orientation prior to using the facility.  Other members may be asked to complete an equipment orientation as well, if it is deemed necessary for his or her safety.  The facility includes a wide variety of cardio equipment, strength training machines, free weights, a stretching area, and a variety of other fitness equipment.


Women & Youth Fitness Center

Our Women & Youth Fitness Center is designed for women of all ages and children between the ages of 8 and 14.  All youth are required to receive an orientation prior to using the Women and Youth Fitness Center.  Youth ages 8-10 are required to be supervised by a parent, and are limited to cardio equipment only at the discretion of the fitness attendant.  For youth ages 10-11, a parent must be located in the building in order to use the facility.  10-11 year old members will be limited to The Hoist Circuit equipment. The Hoist Circuit program significantly reduces the potential for damage or injury while developing muscles, joints and bones.

Youth ages 12-14 and women of all ages will have access to the entire room, which includes a variety of cardio equipment, strength training machines, free weights, and a variety of other fitness equipment.  This room will only be open during designated periods. Check with the member services desk for a schedule.


Group Fitness Classes

Members must be 14 years old or older to participate in Group Fitness Classes.  Members under 14 years of age must receive instructor approval and be accompanied by a parent to participate.  Group Fitness Classes are free for full members. Click on the "Learn More" for detailed listings and descriptions. Classes are listed alphabetically.

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Active Older Adult Strength Training

The Active Older Adult Strength Training program is designed to provide information and lifting techniques for the older adult. Classes meet twice a week to discuss different age-related health topics as well as to dispel the myths of strength training for older adults. The class consists of lectures and exercises performed in the fitness center. Classes are free to full members 55 years and older.


Blood Pressure Screening/Body Composition Testing

YMCA members may have blood pressures taken or body composition tests throughout the day provided staff members are available.


Fitness Challenge

The purpose of this program is to help individuals who are overweight and need assistance with weight loss and nutrition, or those who would simply like to improve their overall fitness.
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Personal Training

Our personal trainers will help you establish realistic and attainable fitness goals, as well as give you the motivation and accountability to reach your goals.  They will develop an exercise program that is specific to your individual needs and desires, and ensure proper training technique during training sessions.

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Fitness Center Orientations

Fitness center orientations provide instruction on the proper use of equipment and exercise techniques. Orientations are also a great time to ask any exercise-related questions. Orientations may be scheduled by calling 740-345-9622 or by checking with a Health & Fitness staff or Member Services staff.