Progressive Youth Gymnastics

Progressive Youth Gymnastics

Youth Progressive Gymnastics program is for boys and girls ages 5 and up. The Licking County Family YMCA Gymnastics Program follows the guidelines of the National YMCA Progressive Gymnastics program and the USA Junior Olympic Gymnastics Program. Gymnastics is a sport that takes time to develop and will require time and experience along with practice to accomplish the skills necessary to advance through the program. We work to develop children's coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, and most importantly self-esteem. We focus on safety, encouraging kids to do their best, and to believe in themselves while instilling the YMCA core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.


Beginner: Young Basics / Rollers
5-8 years old / 9+ years old
This one hour beginner level class focuses on coordination, strength and flexibility, and is an introduction to gymnastics basics on vault, bars, balance beam, and floor. Children also learn listening skills, instructional and social discipline.

Intermediate: Flippers / Swingers
5-8 years old / 9+ years old
This one hour class is for intermediate level gymnasts to explore their potential in gymnastics. Gymnasts need to have some previous gymnastics experience as they will learn more complex skills and combinations on all the apparatus. This progression focuses on improving previously learned basic skills while incorporating new intermediate skills. Prerequisite of at least three (3) sessions of YMCA Young Basics or Rollers is required.

Advanced: Kippers
9+ years old
This is an advanced level class that incorporates new skill progressions while gymnasts have fun. A gymnasts must have previous experience from either Flippers or Swingers to participate in this class. This class builds upon previous learned skills in addition to new, more advanced level skills.

Mini Stuntmen
This is a one-hour boy’s gymnastic class introduces the basics of boys gymnastics, emphasizing flexibility, strength building, agility and safe landing. Gymnastics help children learn movement skills, build self-confidence, and gain social skills.

Tumble Cheer
Two age groups: 5-9 years old and 10+ years old
These classes are offered to both boys and girls and focus on tumbling that can be incorporated into cheerleading. This class will work on all aspects of cheerleading skills like various jumps, cheers and of course tumbling.

Trampoline and Tumbling
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced*
These classes offer the beginner/intermediate, and the advanced tumbler an opportunity to continue to build their tumbling skills using our spring floor, along with our 60 ft. Tumble Trak. Whether it's for cheerleading try-outs, competitive cheer, or learning to tumble for the very first time, this class is for you!!!

*(Coach Recommendation Only)